Orthodox Presbyterian Church


The presbytery is the governing body of the regional church; it consists of all the ministers and ruling elders of the congregations of the regional church. “Neglect not the gift that is in thee, which was given thee by prophecy, with the laying on of the hands of the presbytery” (1 Tim. 4:14).


  • Friday October 7, 2022, 6:45 p.m., service of recognition, installation of Dr. David Noe as pastor, and ordination of ruling elders Dawe and Gaastra for Reformation OPC, 2565 Forest Hill Ave. S.E. Ste. 101, Grand Rapids, Michigan
  • Friday October 14, 2022, 5:45 p.m., installation of Dr. Harrison Perkins as pastor of Oakland Hills Community OPC, 37150 W. Eight Mile Rd., Farmington Hills, Michigan
  • Saturday October 22, 12:45 p.m., ordination and installation of Marc Scaturro as a pastor of Little Farms OPC, 2518 Arthur St., Coopersville, Michigan
  • 7:00 PM Thursday December 1, 2022, by Zoom, to deal with the call to the Rev. Jerry Neumair from Cedar OPC, Jenison, Michigan
  • 9:00 AM Friday January 20, 2023, at Sheffield, Ontario


Presbytery Operating Documents


Candidates & Credentials Committee

Church Extension Committee (CHEX)

Church Visitation Committee

Diaconal Committee

Foreign Missions Committee

Requests for 2023 budget (per communicant member)

  • Church Extension (CHEX) – $40.00
  • Presbytery General Fund – $4.00
  • Diaconal Fund – $5.00
  • Disaster Relief – $5.00
  • Student Aid Fund – $4.00
  • Worldwide Outreach Calculator

Hub-Spokes Financial Support Goals for 2022

  • Westervelds – at least $13,756 (USD) in direct missionary support for the ministry of Ben Westerveld in Quebec, up to the total of the full amount budgeted for the Quebec Project in 2022 by the OPC
  • Hopps – at least $3,000 (USD) in direct missionary support for the ministry of the Hopp family and the OPC mission in Haiti
  • Ben Johnson – a minimum of $8,000 (USD), preferably greater than $10,000, for the support of the Ben Johnson family as they minister with Serge in supporting indigenous church-planting and discipleship efforts in Thailand
  • Outreach Aid for St. Marc’s Church, Quebec City – $3,000 Canadian for the support of the Missionary Associate in Quebec City or local assistant(s) for helping in the outreach ministry of St. Marc’s Church

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