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Worship vs. Concerts
A Comparison

Public Worship

Musical Concert



A necessity (required by God)

Not a necessity (not required by God)

Led by an ordained minister

Performed by musicians

Contains all the biblical elements of worship: prayer, congregational singing, reading of the Holy Scriptures, preaching, sacraments, vows

Does not contain all the elements of worship

Does not contain any elements not required (in worship, whatever is not command by God is forbidden)

Often contains elements inappropriate for worship (e.g. video clips, dance, drama, special effects, applause)

Music chosen primarily for its fidelity to Scripture, God-centered focus, and ability to communicate truth

Music chosen primarily for its crowd appeal (e.g., beat); man-centered focus; may contain false doctrine

Conducted under the oversight of ordained elders

Promoted by a profit-seeking entrepreneur

Funded by the tithes of God’s people

Funded by ticket sales

Purpose is to glorify God by doing those things that he requires in his Word, out of a heart of obedience

Purpose is to entertain attendees who like a certain kind of music

God’s people of all ages must go

Attracts people mostly of a particular age group who choose to go

Emphasis on the worship of God and proclamation of his truth

Emphasis on the enjoyment of a musical performance

Must be done on the Sabbath; may be done the other six days

May not be done on the Sabbath; may be done on the other six days